What is Online Teaching?

Online teaching happens in a virtual learning setup using an online platform to deliver quality education. As a result, technology advancement enables students to participate in various learning activities, even at home.

Why is Online Teaching a Trend Today?

The same with other necessities, education must also continue even in the pandemic time. By adopting technology-driven strategies, academies and other educational institutions are still thriving and can cope with the demand. And coping up with the demand is an excellent way to sustain their E-learning business.

Is Online Teaching an Online Career one that can Focus on?

There are three reasons why online teaching is an online career anybody can focus on. First of all, many vloggers (video bloggers) show their skills online while earning money. In the same manner, if you have the grit and

passion for teaching online then, this career is for you. Second, the demand for online English teachers is soaring high. Thus, you can also try other subjects. And third, anyone can always transition to this niche. However, if you want to be competitive in this career path, you should have the training and get certified.

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Who can do Online Teaching?

Anybody can teach online as long as you have a computer and internet connection. With this career, you can start from nothing like going to an internet cafe and working there. Later on, when you start earning, you can buy the complete work setup at home.

Also, online teachers don’t need to be a teacher by profession. As long as you are passionate when it comes to education, you can be one.

However, since many companies are in portfolio-based hiring, self-learning might not suffice. There might be a need for you to undergo training and get certified.

How to Get Started with Online Teaching?

Free training like on Youtube is excellent for you to equip yourself with the essentialities. On the contrary, to get you a hint, well-established e-learning companies aim to have teachers who will be assets to their companies. This means they will only accept applicants who pass their hiring process. And, what should you prepare ahead for you to get the job?

Here are the top three standard requirements, namely:

1. Be certified 2. Experience 3. Portfolio

Now that you learned everything you need to know, are you ready to start your online career?

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