33 Best Freelancing Websites that Every Freelancer Should Eye on This 2021

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Besides having the skills and equipment to start a freelancing career, eyeing various freelancing websites and identifying which is best for your niche is highly imperative. A few of the reasons why knowing freelancing websites are helping freelancers build their profiles and get hired are:

  • Protect freelancers against scams

  • Help freelancers develop their profile and market their services.

  • Scale up the freelancer’s skills

  • Provides growth opportunities

What are Freelancing Websites?

There are many freelancing websites available, and both freelancers and businesses have been benefiting from it. May it be collaborative teams, communities, or a marketplace, these are competitive avenues where freelancers sell their services to clients worldwide.

While freelancers can meet various clients and earn in these freelancing marketplace, businesses will also embrace growth opportunities through freelancers’ help. So, what could be the best freelancing websites for 2021?

Best Freelancing Websites in 2021

1. Fiverr

Fiverr is different from the traditional freelancing platforms, instead of clients posting jobs for freelancers to send applications. The freelancer will create a job by marketing their skill sets starting from $5 per project. How to start with Fiverr? The first step is to make your seller profile, create a gig, and offer your gig through your services on the platform. In this portion, you will showcase your skills and provide information to catch your clients’ attention.

2. Upwork

Upwork is one of the competitive freelancing platforms. It is a platform requiring you to write proposals, bidding your pay rate, and building up the feedback rating. On this site, you must create an appealing profile and then show credibility through your sample works. There are many job postings on the platform every day. And for a freelancer to apply, it needs “connects ” to send proposals. But, before that, you need to sign up and create your Upwork profile. The platform will check and approve your profile before you can start applying for jobs. And, when your account is approved, you will receive a free 60 connects to begin job hunting. If ever you don’t have connects anymore, you can purchase on the platform to continue applying.

3. Toptal

Toptal is another freelancing platform where it networks freelancers specializing in software development, designing, finance experts, product managers, and project managers. The site comes from the word top Talent. This means that the platform screen freelancers to get passionate experts with a drive. The screening process includes:

  • Language and Personality

  • In-Depth Skill Review

  • Live Screening

  • Test Projects

  • Continued Excellence

4. SimplyHired

On this platform, freelancers can find work in almost any field, making it ideal for anyone looking for extra work. Freelancers can find a job in over 24 countries in 12 different languages. Whether you are a construction worker or a salesperson, there will be a client for you. The website includes a blog with hiring tips as well as a location-based search. One excellent feature of this platform is you can browse remote jobs in locations near to you. Also, there is an available tool to estimate your fee. Plus, they have an online resume builder to help you create an excellent resume for your freelancing.

5. PeoplePerHour

This is another freelancing platform that is for free. The competition on this platform is challenging. Thus, for a freelancer to close a deal, the freelancer must set a reasonable price for every service that the freelancer will provide.

To start with this platform, you must secure a freelancing profile where you optimize it with:

  • Profile picture

  • Freelance Bio

  • Add skills and experiences.

  • Identify your hourly pay.

  • Showcase best work

  • Share your profile to get a notice.

6. Aquent

Aquent is one of the best freelancing platforms, which was founded in 1986. Its name means “not a follower.” They commit to innovating to transform work for the better. How to work with Aquent? First, you will create a MyAquent account. Afterward, the filling agent will receive an alert that you are open for work. If the agents find you fit for a freelancing job, they will contact you immediately.

Second, it is vital to update your profile and then be active all the time. When you do this, the agent will notify you once a job fits your qualifications. Last but not least, your interview will lead you to more job opportunities. Why? Because Aquent is helping freelancers find a job, not only for survival but for your freelancing career to thrive.

7. Crowded

Crowded is another freelancing platform to sign up for if you are looking for freelancing work. This platform is different compared to others. Crowded uses an artificial intelligence technology system in screening the fittest freelancer for a job. This feature saves freelancers time because they don’t need to do the usual application process. The AI functionality will facilitate the screening and hiring. The freelancer will only wait for the employer’s call if they got hired.

8. The Creative Group

TCG is a freelancing platform that allows freelancers to apply for freelancing jobs by uploading either a resume or a LinkedIn profile. You can start eyeing a freelancing job suit to your skill sets afterward.

9. 99Designs

99Designs is another freelancing platform specifically for designers. It is a platform where clients can start a contest, and all designers on the platform can take part in the competition. So, if you are a freelance designer who wants to improve your skills, this is the best place to sign up.

99Designs is not only a freelancing platform but a community that helps you find opportunities, inspiration, and support. To submit the design in the contest, you need to:

  1. Check first if your account is verified.

  2. Verify if the competition is open to all freelancers

  3. Examine if there is a limitation to your account

And when you finish checking the checklist, you can submit your design.

10. Nexxt

When freelancers search for a job in this platform, it is based on four criteria: career focus, local focus, diversity focus, and global focus. The purpose of the category is to enable freelancers to get a chance to work with different freelance jobs in line with their skill sets. To start with this site, you need to email your resume to, and the platform will create an account for you.

11. WriterAccess

WriterAccess is a freelancing platform for writers. Writing projects includes online articles, case studies, tech papers, and many others. To help freelance writers be more efficient, they provide content analytics, keyword optimization, and content planner tools.

How does it work for freelancers? Building your portfolio is essential to your profile. To do this, you need to provide quality samples of your work. And when you deliver an excellent job, you’ll earn higher pay rates. Plus, this platform is free, and you can cancel anytime.

12. TaskRabbit

Among all the freelancing websites, this site is not focusing on digital. It is a freelance website that focuses on housework. A few of the site caters’ tasks are furniture assembling, moving and packing, plumbing, etc. To get started, you will need to:

  • Sign up

  • Build your portfolio

  • Verify your eligibility to task

  • Pay the registration fee.

  • Set your schedule and work area

  • Start getting jobs

13. Skyword

In this platform, freelancers can find loads of content marketing vacancies. The freelancers can register to work as freelance content strategists, editorial managers, and so on. This site not only caters to US companies because it serves 27 countries with 13 language support.

14. Designhill

This freelance website offers a design platform where professional designers can leverage to market their skills, earn and upgrade their expertise. Also, it has a transparent price upfront where clients can anticipate the cost per design. The platform works significantly through design contests, graphic design services, one-to-one design services, or a print shop.

15. Freelancer

Freelancer is one of the largest crowdsourcing marketplace having 32 million registered users. When freelancers sign up, eight applications per newly registered freelancer are free. And when freelancers consume the eight free applications, they will pay membership fees to apply again.

Additionally, freelancers will have to bid for the charges on this site and then post a proposal. And if a freelancer is a beginner, they have a team that will help them get hired faster.

16. Guru

Guru is another big freelancing platform having 3 million users worldwide. This is perfect for beginners since they help freelancers create their profiles, which is essential during the application process. Most freelancers on this site are web developers, writers, architectures, and so on. As for freelancer’s pay, Guru deducts 5% to 9% on top of its rate.

17. Hireable

Hireable allows freelancers to get a freelance job with equal opportunity. When freelancers search for jobs, the site provides the fittest position using the right keyword in the search tab. Also, even if freelancers are not active, they will receive a notification email when a client posts a role that fits them. Through the email, it enables inactive freelancers to apply for the newly opened position. And, Hireable has a job seeker resume that is searchable through search engines. This allows the client to search the freelancer’s resume that they are eyeing in any search engine tools.

18. FlexJobs

FlexJobs is one of the best freelancing websites because it encourages every freelancer to try this career path. Besides, FlexJobs collects jobs from any area around the world. By paying a monthly fee cost $14.95, freelancers will get full access to different skill tests, descriptions of each business, and massive scope of clients in the platform.

19. LinkedIn and LinkedIn ProFinder

To start with a freelancing career with LinkedIn ProFinder, a freelancer must set up his or her LinkedIn account. This platform helps users to get leads, bid on projects, and find clients. This tool offers a trial membership allowing freelancers to bid using ten proposals for free. Its upgrade business premium costs $47.99 a month.

To start with LinkedIn ProFinder, freelancers need to:

  • Complete the online application

  • Use the LinkedIn ProFinder service to apply for a job.

  • Log in to your LinkedIn profile.

  • At the top of LinkedIn Profile, click on the Work tab.

  • Click the LinkedIn ProFinder

  • Get accepted to LinkedIn ProFinder.

20. Hubstaff Talent

Freelancers don’t need to pay to start a profile in Hubstaff Talent. What they need to do is to fill out details like skills, and availability. And every time a client shows interest in a freelancer, he or she will receive a notification through email. By showcasing your expertise, years of experience, and payment rates, clients will know. Also, you must upload your resume and link to social media accounts. On top of that, freelancers don’t need to bid to get clients. Whenever a client likes a freelancer’s service, they will receive an email.

21. Outsourcely

Outsourcely is a platform that is best for freelance beginners. On this site, freelancers can embrace unlimited opportunities to look for a job in any industry. To start with this platform, freelancers need to create a freelancing profile with their skills, abilities, and experience. Next is to either allow clients to discover their profile or apply for a job. Moreover, when freelancers saw a newly posted job, they can initiate an interview by communicating with the client privately. Lastly, when freelancers close a deal, they will receive their pay depending on any agreed channel.

22. is another large freelancing platform solely for Filipino freelancers only. The platform has 1,000,000+ profiles, and 38,938 Filipinos create an account every month. A profile is essential to every job seeker’s motivation to find a job. How to create a profile? First, visit the OnlineJobsPH website and choose “I want to work.” Second, fill in the needed details and incorporate government-issued identification numbers and social media accounts to increase their ID score. Another way to increase the ID score is to take various tests.

23. WeWorkRemotely

WeworkRemotely is another freelancing platform for general services. To find a job, users can filter searching by fill outing job categories, locations, companies, and the type of jobs. The site allows freelancing opportunities for every user to apply for the fittest job.

24. Behance

Behance is a great freelance job site for designers regardless of their experience level. The site allows designers like a video editor to showcase your work samples. Optimizing profiles enables the designer to be found by clients since profiles are searchable in search engines. In Behance, they post jobs regularly so, it is essential to create a great portfolio, and clients will hire you.

25. Dribbble

Dribbble is one of the best creative communities in the freelancing scheme. It provides excellent opportunities for designers to share talents, grows their expertise, and earn at the same time. By sharing their works and marking themselves as for hire, designers will expose themselves to hiring opportunities and collaborate with co-designer in the community.

26. AngelList

AngeList is another one of the best freelance jobs website platforms that enable job seekers to work with startups. You can visit this site to apply for a website and software development job. You can explore the job posting by filling out info filters like the location, technology, salary, market, etc. Registered users will receive a free email notifying them that a client is interested in their service.

27. DesignCrowd

DesignCrowd is another top graphic design freelancing site, similar to 99Designs. They have few active users on the platform so, the competition is not, though. Thus, there’s a massive possibility of landing a job. The same with 99Designs; they also have contests. However, it’s slightly lower than the other creative design freelancing platforms in the marketplace compared to their payments.

28. WorkingNotWorking

WorkingNotWorking is a highly high-quality freelance community that allows only a tiny percentage of applicants like designers, artists, photographers, producers, and advertising pros. When the platform approves a freelancer’s application, it will be a starting point of embracing the six-figure income chance. This is because designers on this site are limited, and projects and pay are competitive at the same time. On their client list are Apple, Facebook, Google, and so on.

29. WebflowExperts

To join the WebflowExperts community that serves both small and big businesses, freelancers must learn and understand the two categories of their requirements. First, Professional partners who work on a larger volume of projects for small to medium businesses. Second, Enterprise partner who works with the Webflow Enterprise team helping larger clients adopt Webflow. So, if you are a designer expert, apply to this site and thrive your freelancing career.

30. YunoJuno

YunoJuno is a freelancing community of quality freelancers because its mission is to help businesses unlock freelance potential. To ensure that they are only embracing quality freelancers, they ask for their background and experience. Relevant data such as bio, core skills, three samples of work from previous clients, and two references verify your excellency.

After submitting the requirements, their team will evaluate and notify you when they accept you.

31. Authentic Jobs

Authentic Jobs is one of the top freelancing websites for designers, developers, and creative experts. Because this site mainly focuses on developers and creatives, this site is incredibly intuitive and easy to use. This allows users to find remote gigs by merely hitting the toggle, switching from “All Jobs” to “Remote.” Few of the biggest companies on their client list are New York Times, Apple, and Tesla—it’s an incredible resource for all web professionals.

32. Solidgigs

Solidgigs is one of the great freelancing websites for any niche. After signing up, you will receive a curated gig list allowing you to apply for a job, removing the usual time-consuming hunting and applying for jobs. Plus, they also feature training resources that will help grow your skillsets—all these benefits at a low monthly cost.

33. Surge

A freelancing platform that embraces freelancers to collaborate to meet the site’s mission. The website is receiving applications from freelancers, both newbie and established. The surge team will evaluate through filling out the needed information and providing the other requirements like the payout method. If freelancers complied effectively, they could immediately start to look for jobs and apply. However, suppose freelancers did not complete the application process, not giving the complete requirements. In that case, they need to finish it before they get approved.

To know more on how this freelancing platform works, check it here:

Freelancing websites are essential to every aspiring freelancer’s success. Thus, it is imperative to focus on freelancing trends to place themselves well when searching for freelance work opportunities. And if you are a freelancer looking for a low competition level, this freelancing website is for you!

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